Alien Sky

Title: Alien Sky

This acrylic painting that sat unnamed for awhile is called, ‘Alien Sky’, and was inspired by an event covering the entire horizon a few years ago.

I had looked out the window just in time to see an unearthly brilliant green light take over the whole bottom half of the sky for a few seconds. It was longer than a flash but, disappeared quickly. I searched and searched and could find nothing like it; as a result, I painted a picture resembling it instead.

The extra planets represent the alien nature of the phenomenon and the glow of an angelfish in the sky symbolizes that fish out of water feeling.

This pieces name was inspired by a shy young boy who wouldn’t talk, saw it and to my surprise, spoke and asked me why there were other planets in the sky. I told him it was because it was an ‘alien sky’ (With not knowing how long this young boy’s general attention span was, this was far more simple than explaining the story behind it to him). He then looked bewildered and asked me if it was alien, then how come there were trees? I told him It’s an alien planet and it’s dark out, those trees could be pink, purple, or spotted blue, that what color they are or what they are made of, is up to you.

The young boy seemed to really like the idea and opened up so much that he grabbed my legs and made himself dead weight in protest to going home when it came time to leave.

I was glad that talking about that alien sky got him to open up to me. We eventually even started playing games and having fun. So, I decided to simply call this ‘Alien Sky’ in honor of that memory.

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