An old self portrait over a decade old that has managed to survive one crazy life. 

The Old Self Portrait

A Look Twice Thought is a place to keep an open mind.

A Look Twice Thought is a refusal to give up. It is the creation and outcome of survival, pain, loss, love, joy, salvation, and endurance.

A Look Twice Thought is healing and taking back control one piece at a time.

A Look Twice Thought is a one person operation where every piece has not just been painted, stitched, or molded but, created with intense energy, thought, and emotion that is deep and healing. Where every piece is as unique as the experience and journey that went into each pieces creation.

Every paint brush stoke is an inspired calculated thought and release in action; every squeeze a pain tinged drop of endurance that creates; every cut a shocking slice to sound off a new piece to work for, to hurt for, and to gain so much more than just a piece of art.

Gained from every piece is a piece of strength, respect, healing, and serenity I wish I could grant to the world.

Do I sound cliché yet? It gets better.

This is about A Look Twice Thought.