Blood Moon Wedding



This is painting #21 as well as my first painted person.

This is a mental snapshot that stood out during a friends wedding.

She was walking alone back to her wedding party across the lot, bathed in the light of a large blood moon with her head held high, almost as if to bask in its mystical ambiance.

I savored the moment and minded the details as I knew I wanted to try and capture this unique scene;

the surreal quality to the moon and clouds around it,

the light glowing on the grass and sidewalk from the windows of the celebratory party inside,

the silhouettes of those dancing merrily in stark contrast of and joined with the solitary moment of the bride with the blood moon light washing over her white dress adorning it with flowing shadows,

and the blood moon light illuminating the golden yellow roses affixed to her dress as well as her whimsical yet refined head wreath,

and the way she carried herself with strength and grace

as she held her dress that was elegantly bunched in her small newlywed hands.

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