Blue Flowers

Blue Flowers


This is my second acrylic painting.

I started painting after learning that my body is not built for the activities that help me cope. Life further became haunting as my mind began processing past traumas more aggressively, with all my coping mechanisms ripped away. I needed something to distract myself and I needed a challenge. I was always crafty, if not forced to be through dire need of resourcefulness, and loved the arts… all of them in all their creative and sensory exploring forms.

Believing that I was just terrible at painting from my few past experiences in art class but, loving the idea of shaping, blending, morphing, and creating with wet colors, I decided painting was going to be a new therapeutic challenge for me.

I chose to start with acrylics because I am partial to their boldness however, I quickly found that they are quite time-consuming and tedious to blend. This painting is an experiment on blending and took a couple of days to complete.

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